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We’ve just made your banking easier!


Connect with Telebank – anywhere, anytime simply by calling 937-484-TPSB (8772)

Telebank allows you to make routine transactions from anywhere at any time simply by using a touch-tone phone. The Peoples Savings Bank Telebank system allows you to access your checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit and loan accounts quickly and easily*.  Just call 937-484-TPSB (8772) and key in your selection from the voice prompts or the following menu. Stop in at any of our locations to register for telephone banking.

Telebank is Easy

You can use Telebank by following three easy steps:

  1. Have your account number and Social Security number ready.
  2. Dial 937-484-TPSB (8772) on any touch-tone phone.
  3. The Telebank voice will guide you step-by-step through the information or transactions you choose.

First time users will be asked to enter the last four digits of their Social Security number. From there, you will be asked to pick your own permanent four digit PIN number. A PIN number will need to be established for each account you wish to access.

The PIN number helps guard the security of your account. Although withdrawals cannot be made from your account through telebank (except to transfer them to another account that is also yours), it is advisable to keep this PIN number confidential.

Main Menu


“For account information, press one.”

“If you are a merchant calling to verify a customer’s check, press two.”

“To transfer funds, press three.”

“For branch locations and ATM locations, press four.”

“To change your personal identification number, press five.”

“To listen to this menu again, press nine.”

“To speak with a customer service representative, press zero.”

Account Information Menu


“For Checking information, press one.”

“For Savings information, press two.”

“For Money Market information, press three.”

“For Certificates of Deposits or Retirement Account information, press four.”

“For Loan information, press five.”

“To transfer funds, press six.”

“To change your personal identification number, press seven.”

“To listen to this menu again, press nine.”

“To return to the prior menu, press star.”

“To speak with a customer service representative, press zero.”

*Some account restrictions may apply.