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The Peoples Savings Bank is looking to fill a full time Customer Service Representative position.
Position: Full Time Customer Service Representative.
Full time teller position that consists of:
Greeting and assisting customers with deposit and loan transactions,
assisting customers with account inquiries, cash handling and opening and closing of accounts.

High School Diploma or equivalent
Cash Handling and Customer Service Experience Required

Send resume to Nichole at



    Mar 13, 2020
    The Peoples Savings Bank of Urbana, Ohio, is leveraging the latest banking technology to combat cybersecurity concerns and help customers safeguard their in-store and online purchases. Called CardValet®, the smartphone app works in conjunction with all TPSB debit cards by providing account oversight tools to manage purchases, set spending limits, review balances, and flag fraudulent charges through instant notifications.
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The COVID-19 virus is now a global event.

Malicious cyber actors always look for opportunities to capitalize on global events, especially high-profile ones like COVID-19. Hackers use the fear and uncertainty surrounding such events to spread misinformation as well as trick employees into sharing sensitive data and information. In addition, hackers often increase their attempts to break into networks and IT systems while the organization is focusing on and prioritizing other activities. Thus, it’s important during this situation for us to remain extra vigilant in our personal and professional digital lives.

How to keep yourself and our organization safe and secure: * Do not open or respond to any emails or email senders you do not recognize or that look odd or suspicious; when in doubt, contact the sender directly using another form of communication * Do not open or click on any email attachments from senders you do not trust or recognize, especially if the email is related to COVID-19 * Be vary of “news” websites or emails talking about cures, vaccines, or other items specifically relating to COVID-19 * Be cautious of text messages (SMS), WhatsApp, and/or Facebook messages that request sensitive or personal information or involve medical issues or COVID-19 specifically * Continue to observe all company policies and procedures, particularly any involving financials or money transfer outside of the company; hackers typically use the “urgency” of a situation or “crisis” to encourage employees to break protocols, often to the detriment of the business * Be suspicious of calls you receive from your doctor, medial insurance companies, or medical professionals; when in doubt, verify the phone number and/or hang up and call your doctor, insurance provider, or medical facility directly * Visit health or medical websites directly. Hackers often create fake weblinks that take users to realistic-looking fake web pages.

Mobile Banking App Code: TPSBankApp
Report Fraud or Lost or Stolen Cards:

ATM or Debit Cards please call: 937-653-1600 during regular business hours.
After hours please call 1-800-472-3272
Credit Cards please call: 1-800-325-3678 available 24x7x365

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We've spent 126 years as a mutual savings institution serving the customers of Urbana and surrounding Champaign County. Not all banks are created equal and mutuality distinguishes TPSB as a banking institution that prioritizes customers over shareholders.

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